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A Collaboration between LINE FRIENDS and the great artist
who spreads the Joy to the world, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Castelbajac is an artist representing France who has designed the outfits of Pop music
icons like Lady Gaga and Madonna, and the rainbow-colored vestments for the Pope and
priests. He had exchanged inspirations with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel
Basquiat. He has been developing his own world of art and is still active in his career
despite being in his late 60’s. With a total of 4 artworks designed through
the collaboration of the great modern artist of France, Castelbajac, and LINE FRIENDS,
we are hoping to share his warm message with the whole world.


Humanity has progressed steadily, even during this age of
barbarism, where many wars have ensued. Peace has become
a valued state that all mankind must defend. Castelbajac shares
our hopes of complete peace to Sally's feet to be sent all over
the world.

Hand-made Silkscreen100pcsKRW 800,000


Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty, is
shaking the tricolor flags. The flag symbolizes
freedom, equality, and philanthropy. What
Libertas wanted is to keep the values of the
18th century. However, the tricolored Connie in
Castelbajac’s flag is freedom, joy, and hope.
This symbol is formed by the value of the artist
thoroughly. We sometimes accept past values
as absolute and rely solely, causing us to miss
what is important to us at this current time.
It is not liberty, equality, and philanthropy that
we have been valuing since the French
Revolution, but the autonomy of self-judgement
that we us and evaluate ourselves.

Hand-made Silkscreen100pcsKRW 800,000


Love is the greatest emotion. It covers such a
large array of feeling, that it cannot be fully
expressed and often causes misunderstanding
and jealousy. Jealousy is often accompanied by
sadness and pain. Castelbajac uses Brown to
symbolize the expression of shyness that cannot
be conveyed by any simple display of emotion.
This shows the warm heart of Castelbajac, who
is concerned about misunderstandings of Brown.

Hand-made Silkscreen100pcsKRW 800,000


Love is somebody that keeps coming up and
hovering around all day in one’s mind. It makes
people unable to concentrate on anything. In
addition, once love is settled in one's heart, it
cannot be avoided even if your eyes are closed.
In this way, lovely Sally is settled in the heart
of the angel.

Hand-made Silkscreen100pcsKRW 800,000
Castel Linefriends
Castel Linefriends
Castel Linefriends
Castel Linefriends
Castel Linefriends
Castel Linefriends

“캐릭터를 넘어 사람들의 다양한 감정을 대변해주는 라인프렌즈가 나의 예술 철학인 Spread Joy, Spread Message와 가장 완벽하게 동화되어 Art Work가 아닌, Heart Work를 완성하였다.”
-2016년 프랑스 작업실 인터뷰 중-

print bakery by seoul auction

Print Bakery is a pop art brand of Seoul Auction aiming to become “valuable art”
that everyone can enjoy.
You can check out the [Castelbajac X LINE FRIENDS Art Collection]
at the official offline stores of Print Bakery.

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  • PRINT BAKERY Goyang Starfield
  • PRINT BAKERY Shinsegae Centum City


The first 100 people to purchase an artwork will be given a Mug & Figure Set designed by
a collaboration of Finland’s top ceramic brand ARABIA 1873 and LINE FRIENDS.