Information on Brand New BT21 Series Merchandise Sales

Dear Customers:

We are grateful for your ongoing support of LINE FRIENDS.  As anticipated, LINE FRIENDS will formally launch the widely acclaimed BT21 product series in Taiwan at 11:00am, July 5th, 2018, exclusively at LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi A11. 


Due to the popular responses received of BT21 product series sold in other cities around the world, we plan to sell as a limited time offer, with limited supplies. Please read the terms and conditions carefully for all purchases relating to BT21 listed below. In order for our customers to have a pleasant shopping experience in a safe environment without too much crowd, rules regarding to entry and session time will apply.  Customers will be asked to line up at specified location, and a limited quantity of tickets and a limited line-up gift will be issued to keep the number of entries controlled.  Customers must have a “BT21 Shopping Area Ticket” in order to enter, in an orderly manner as per instructed by site staff.  The“BT21 Shopping Area Ticket” will be issued according to the rules listed below:


For Fans and Customers of BT21:


BT21 Area Entry and Shopping Arrangement (Taiwan-only Limited Packages will be available between 5th and 9th of July)


Date:  July 5th , 2018 (Thursday) to July 9th , 2018 (Monday)

Session time: starting at 11:00am, each session is 30 minutes. The total shopping time is 20 minutes (including entry and  checkout). Adjustments to entry and shopping time will be made according to actual situation.

Daily customer limit:  Estimated 300 people, adjustments to entry will be made according to actual situation.


“BT21 Shopping Area Ticket” issuance time: 9am daily near the North Entrance at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi A11 (Near LINE FRIENDS Store)


 “BT21 Shopping Area Ticket”: each ticket is valid for one person, one ticket is issued per customer, no additional ticket will be given. No ticket will be issued for children under 140cm of height. The Entry Ticket will not be issued before 9am, July 5th. To avoid potential risks and disturbance of orders and other customers, we strongly advise no queuing outside of the A11 building at evening of July 4th.


Terms and conditions for BT21 merchandise:

1.     For “Taiwan-only Limited Package”, each ticket is limited to buying two of any characters (each package comprises one 42-cm cushion, a passport case, a gel pen, a plush head key chain, and a B5 notebook).  400 Limited Packages are available per day. The quantities of each character are subject to availability. No additional Limited Package will be offered on the day once the Limited Package are sold out.


2.     Up to eight BT21 cushions(available in 30cm and 42cm sizes) can be purchased with each ticket, with no repeats of each character of the same size.  (For example:  a ticket holder may purchase one 30cm TATA cushion and one 42cm TATA cushion, but a ticket holder may not purchase two 30cm TATA cushion. )


3.     Other than limitations stated above, a ticket holder may purchase up to eight items of each product category, with no more than three  of the same character for that given category. The total purchase must not exceed 50 items (excluding Limited Package and cushions)  (For example, for pens, a ticket holder may choose to buy 3 of TATA, 3 of RJ, and 2 of CHIMMY, which amounts to a total of 8 pens)


4.     Up to five BT21 plastic bags can be purchased with each ticket.


5.     All merchandise is in limited quantities, only while supplies last.


6.     Each visit to BT21 area must be finished according to the limited shopping time and date as specified on the ticket. Failure to comply the given date is considered abandonment.  Ticket holders must be present at the waiting area (located at the North Entrance of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi A11), where our site staff will call out numbers in order, with no exceptions given to entry rules. Adjustments to entry of daily customer will be made according to actual situation.


7.     The BT21 Entry Ticket must be shown and submitted to the register clerk during checkout.  The ticket is invalid for purchase if lost or unrecognizable.


8.     Please keep the environment tidy and low of noise during this period.  Customers must follow instructions provided by the site staff and refrain from causing any disturbance to other merchants or shops.


9.     The right to purchase will be cancelled for any behaviours that disturb other customers or shops/merchants.


10.  To protect customer right, please keep an orderly manner and follow instructions given by site staff. Do not leave the queue for any reason, or expect to leave any personal object behind as your queuing behalf. LINE FRRIENDS reserve the right to remove such objects and revoke the right to purchase or get the “BT21 Shopping Area Ticket.


11.  In order to protect the safety of consumers, the BT21 series merchandise sales will be cancelled and postponed immediately in case of typhoon or force majeure. The latest news will be published on the Facebook fan page of LINE FRIENDS Taiwan official.


12.  After July 9th , 2018, the following sales will be arranged according to the actual situation with further notice.


13.  Should any disputes arise, LINE FRIENDS reserve the right of final interpretation.



Business hour: opens at 11:00 daily, closes at 21:30, or 22:00 the day before a public holiday.

Queue arrangement:  another dedicated LINE FRIENDS area will be setup for shopping.


Customer safety and a pleasant shopping experience is our priority.  We wish for your understanding and cooperation. We’d like to think you again for your love of LINE FRIENDS. We shall bring the best of shopping experiences for our customers.