[Store Notice] For BT21 customers - Announcement regarding product sales in Japan

Dear Customers,


Thank you very much for your interest and love. Today, approximately 10,000 customers visit LINE FRIENDS HARAJUKU STORE simultaneously, which was beyond our expection. We do apologize for the customers who had experienced inconveniences upon your visit.


Based on the police’s advices and customer feedback, some changes had made for the store operation policies. Please kindly refer bellow guidelines : 


As distributing purchase tickets on a first-come first-served basis can lead to safety risks for customers such as overnight waiting and others, we will distribute BT21 purchase tickets by lottery as we did today. 


- Daily limit : 2,000 people 

- Draw start time : 9 a.m. -  

- Draw location : Notice will be posted on official Twitter account (@ LINEFRIENDSinfo) at 8 a.m.


Even if you are in line or waiting in front of the store before 9 a.m., you are not eligible for the draw. Only those who are lined up at the designated location beginning at 9 a.m. are eligible for the draw. Please be aware you can not draw BT21 purchase ticket if you arrive later than announced time and number of participants are limited to 2,000 to avoid accidents with the crowd.


Once again, we would like to thank many customers who love LINE FRIENDS and do our best to give our customers a better service and experience. 


Thank you.